Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 18 2013 First email

Hey! I made it to the CCM and I got all my stuff, and met my companion. I seem to be the one of the last missionaries to get here. And the driving here is crazy. Utah is nothing compared to Lima when it comes to aggressive driving. Some people told me that no matter how much spanish I think I know, I won´t know any when I get there; that was very true. The guy who picked me up only speaks spanish so I didn´t understand anything he said at first. I´ve met a lot of elders going to Piura so that´s cool. Most of them are from Utah, including my companion Elder Prince. I saw the temple on the way here but I haven´t gotten any pictures yet. I am pretty tired from flying all day and I have a full day today so we´ll see how it goes! I can´t wait to get started and get accustomed to everything here! Tell everyone I said hi and I miss you guys but this is where I´m supposed to be right now! I´ll email again with more stuff, once I spend more time here.

Love, Paul or Elder Evans or whatever


  1. Shall we change all his contact stuff to "Whatever"?

    Great little snippet from Paul. I'm glad he is safe and sound. I'm sure his mind is just racing!!

  2. Hooray...he made it safe and sound. Can't wait to hear more.

  3. good to hear that Paul made it safely and without incident