Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Oct 28 2013

Hey everybody!!
And another great week comes to an end but here comes another one! Nothing really special happened, we had a cool multi zone conference and President Rowley taught a lot about the missionaries in the Book of Mormon, like Abinadi, Amulek, Alma, the sons of Mosiah, and Moroni. It was reall motivating. I can feel the Lord helping me a ton, especially with spanish, this week I got a ton better out of nowhere it seems. I remember hearing somewhere, that if you read the book of Mormon in another language, you will be fluent by the time you finish (i was reminded of this saying in one of tommy's emails)  and so I have been stepping up my reading in the Book of Mormon, reading about  5-7 pages per day my spanish is rapidly improving, especially when I read it out loud or in a whisper even. I have laearned that trials are really just temporary, short periods of time. Think about moral life and how small it is compared to the Eternal Life that we will have afterward. Mortal life on earth really is practically nothing. Then think of the trial you just got over or are currently going through. This time period is very small usually, barely a sliver of time compared to an average mortal life. So when all is said and done, your trial is actually nothing at all. It's just a tiny sliver of another very, very, very small sliver. This thought has helped because relally even if it takes me 5 or 6 months to learn spanish really well, that time is absolutely nothing compared to a lifetime and even less significant whpared to the Eternal Life that follows this life. 
Oh and a missionary at the zone conferenec accidentally sprayed sauce on me (my suit pants) when we were eating lunch. So its stained now but hopefully the lady who does our laundry can get it out haha. 
C_________, our recent convert has been doing great. He was the ideal investigator and now is the ideal member, he is sharing the gospel with his neighbors and friends, asking us for more pamphlets so he can give them to friends. We are now teaching one of his neighbors. He is working hard and studying the scriptures. Elder Roman and I think that he will one day be a leader of some sort in the church, like the Elder's quorom president or something like that.
That is my storyfor this week, I hope you all had a great week and have another great one comign! remember, any trials you have are only for a very tiny particle of time, and then you'll be stronger than before!, 
We visited a menos activo this week and her daughters were there (both have families, one in Spain and the other in tumbes, the northernmost city of this misison. They talked about all the things that the summer brings to Piura. Here are some things they talked about: giant, jumping tarantulas (doesnt that sound fun), snakes, big bug/insects that bite and cause a lot of itching (mainly they come out at night and bite when you're sleeping), rain that sometimes floods the street and people even go out to SWIM in it. They saw big tarantulas that drowned just floating down the streets and other nasty stuff. Oh and there are already a lot of bats but im not worried about those, they have never bothered anyone. But our apartment is getting more and more spiders, and theyre getting bigger, mainly the daddy long leg type ones though.
Oh and i got letters from aunt jenny (smith) and Maddy, and a dear elder from uncle Travis, and mike, you can tell them and thank them for me if you can.
Elder Evans, Paul

I only sent one picture home, its a huge lizard or iguana thing, idk. but its on the wall and you will see the taail more than anything. I thought of matt when I saw it, its across the street from my apartment. my camera is zoomed in a ton. Ill send another picture of it in just a sec.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Oct 21 2013

Hey! Yeah I got to baptize C_______ on Saturday. It was sooo cool! And he has been so excited for it for weeks and now he is doing great. He reads the scriptures and the Liahona everyday and every time we teach him he surprises us how much he knows and how much he has already progressed. The baptism was in the basin of a waterfall because the river was dirty from construction farther up so we went to the waterfal at the Piedra Del Perro (one of the pictures has my current district on the Piedra del Perro, maybe you can see the face).
I enjoy the dear elder updates about the other missionaries, I do get emails but I very rarely have time to read them thouroughly so it is cool to read them sometimes. But you don't need to send them anymore, I am getting better and reading their emails, and we are all emailing each other anyway, thanks though!
Today we went to the waterfalls again with our new and updated district. Elder Martinez was only a temporary missionary here waiting for his visa to go to the Dominican Republic so he left there now and Elder Zerillo got transferred to Tumbes, the farthest north area in the mission. We got Elder Chen who served 6 months in Guatamala waiting for his visa to come here and Elder Melo who is from Guayaquil Ecuador, he is brand new so I'm no longer the newest missionary in the district ha. But he does have the language advantage. 
This coming week we have Multi Zone conference, my zone is meeting with zone Sullana. I'm pumped for that. I love it when we get to travel to Piura.  Hope you like the pictures and have a good week everyone!
Also, I got all the packages and letters, Elder Mulford and Chen went to lima for visa stuff and were kind enough to pick all of them up on the way back from Piura. But I havent had time to open them yet. I only saw them in the room of my district leader and the n we left to eat lunch and internet. Thanks a ton for everything! 
At home I never liked cucombers or tomatoes but here thats almost the only vegeattable we get served so i eat it every chance i get. Now i realize I love them both haha. And while waiting for people to show up to the capilla for a meeting I played piano more and  little laizard was on the side just chilling there, it was pretty cool, he or she just chilled on the piano while I played piano and sang haha. And there was a huge lizard on the road once and a cat tried to get it but the lizard no joke ran sooooo fast it looed like it was hovering in the air. 
Show this email to dad cause I might not have time to write all this to him but I ll try. I usually tell you two different things so I dont have to write it all twice anyway. So look at his in case I remember something new to say. 
Hope everyone is well!
Love, Elder Evans 

So for the pictures:
I sent one of me, elder Roman, and C_____ before and after the baptism at the waterfall(the waterfall is not the one we visitted last month, we went to that waterfall and a much larger one today) So there are in total 2 waterfalls that we visited.
1 of my district on the Piedra del Perro from this morning
1 of me on top of the waterfall that we visited a month ago with the district before the changes.
1 of my district at the big waterfall, which I would love if you changed that to my cover photo on faceboook, thatnks!


Monday, October 14, 2013

Oct 14 2013

Dear Blog
Here comes the heat the bugs, and spiders. When the sun is out, it's ridiculously hot and when the clouds cover it, it's ridiculously humid. But it's all good, Clemente passed his baptismal interview this week and will be baptized on saturday morning. We go up to a river or some waterfalls farther into the mountains for the baptisms because there is no font in the casa capilla*. It's my first one on the mission so I'm more than excited. Yesterday we went with the son of the Branch President to go scouting for places where the water is high enough, Arilson (the son) is the one who tested the water.
My spanish is slowly picking up, teaching isn't hard, I feel good teaching but it's the normal conversations that are hard. I'm still trying hard to understand and all that.
This week I have been studying a lot of the characteristics of Christ in the Preach my gospel, It's pretty great. Some good chapters in the scriptures that caught my attention were 2 Peter 1 (verses3-8) and Doctrine and Covenants section 121 (verses 45-46).
I don't have a whole lot else, I'm just super excited for Clemente's baptism this saturday, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT! It's so weird you're 15 already. Have as much fun as you can without hurting yourself!
Elder Evans, Paul
*literal translation: "house chapel." The branch meets in a little house that the church bought. I think. [this has been a note from the mother]

Monday, October 7, 2013

Oct 7 2013

Hey everyone! Sorry last week I didn´t right much. The pictures [from last week] were of Elder Zerillo´s birthday, he is in the picture of me with the pizza but he´s not my companion. He`s in our district though, in Chulucanas. His birthday was on a Monday so we celbrated it on our Pday. We ate peruvian chinese food, called chaufa or something, they had good wantons surprisingly!! Then we went to another restuarant for dinner and we ate "cuartos de pollo" or a quarter of chicken with lots of french fries. We eat there almost every Monday. 
Then last monday we had a zone activity in Piura and that was pretty fun. It was all competitions and small games, I won one where we all had one oreo on our forehead and we had to eat it without using our hands or anything. Then Elder Mulford in my district was a close second. 
This week I was on splits in chulucanas with Elder Chen, a new elder who spent 6 months serving in Guatamala waiting for his visa. Elder Farnsworth and my companion Eder Roman found Clemente, the man with a baptismal date, drinking with a friend that night so that is a huge bumer, but we vsited him the next day and he said he feels terrible and really wants to change. He has the interview in a week or two so hopefuly all is well by then for the baptism on the 2nd of November. Also Jose Maria accepted the baptismal challenge for the 2nd as well and attended general conference with his grandma who is a member so we`re really excited about that. Other than those two, it`s still pretty slow, many people we are teaching are called vivientes, they have an esposa or esposo and kids and live togethter but they aren`t married so that gives us a big challenge. And that isn`t just here, it`s everywhere in our mission and probably in south america in general. 
This week is transfers but I will still be in Morropon with Elder Roman because I have still have one more transfer of training, then I teach an experienced missionary the area so Ill probably be here until January.
Im trying to send pictures but the computer doesnt seem to read my camera. 
Anyway, that`s all I have now, Elder Zambrano has much more excited stories than me it seems, with a lizard running up his pants haha.
Love, Elder Evans

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sept 30 2013

Thats awesome!! I dont have a lot to say this week but I found a scorpion in a house while have FHE with a family in the branch haha. That was pretty coool. My spanish is geting better. I went on splits with a zone leader named Elder Valledarez, from Honduras but lived in Utah and Wisconsin (I thought of Giant Spider Invasion when he said that haha) He goes home on october 7th! its crazy. Ill have more next week, I didnt have much time to write today. But Ill be sending a letter home.
Love elder Evans
from email to dad:
I havent played a lot of soccer but one night i played one on one with a 14 year old member in the ward while my companion was with the guy´s dad, we just played in the street and I won 2-0. I was even in all my misionary clothes and shoes and he had good clothes and shoes. I think it was mainly cause I was faster and have much longer legs. He definitely had the skills and tricks though. BUt I still managesd to win haha. 
missionaries with cake

missionaries with pizza