Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27 2015

Hey everybody! This week was bad but good at the same time. my companion got super sick on Tuesday and we couldn't go on splits so we didn't get any work done but he's al good now so we're good. We found some new promising investigatores this week. One is named Juana and she is really interested in the church because she talked to missionaries a long time ago. She lives with her husband but they're not married and she knows she should get married so hopefully we can help them do that. On Sunday I got to confirm Rosita a member of the church (the investigator we baptized last week). It was the first time I got to confirm someone so it was a really cool experience. Also we are getting the ward excited to work and do their visits. On Sundays we are now going out to work with the elders quorum to visit everyone who didn't attend church and the investigatores. The relief society also goes out to visit the sisters on Sundays. We're trying to reactivate all the converts of the last 2 years and as many other less actives as possible while also inviting the investigatores to come to church.
Love you all and I hope you have a great week!! 

Elder Evans

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April 21 2015

Hey everybody, this week Rosa was finally able to get baptized. She has been ready forever but we finally finished the lessons and got it done. To help you all remember, we met her through a series of events all starting with some guy in the street yelling "Joseph Smith is not in the Bible." My companion months back Elder Arce contacted a lady who had no interest, but the guy walked passed us and yelled what I wrote above. Another lady came out of the house and said she had listened to missionaries a long time ago, and then she also introduced us to her neighbor (Rosa's older sister) and found Ivan (their inactive brother) and then he introduced us to Rosa, who now just got baptized. Ivan is now also coming to church as well. It was a great day. I know it is true when Alma says that through small and simple things many great things come to pass. We are slowly, one by one, helping this family accept the gospel. Most of her family attended her baptism and really enjoyed the service.
Today was Elder Beidleman's 21st birthday and had a barbeque with some members and it was super good. In the morning we played basketball and board games and a tiny bit of football (american). Everyone had fun. 
Hope you all are having a blast and remember to always be happy. Love you guys!

Elder Evans


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 13 2015

Hey everybody, this week was pretty full of meetings in Piura and also here with stake leaders to talk about how to improve the retention and how to get less actives back to church. We didn't have nearly as much time to be in appointments but we were able to visit Rosa and her family a few times to help her continue preparing for her baptism. Her older brother Ivan is a less active returning to church and he helps her and motivates her as well. 
Today for Pday we walked to a place called Marcavelica (about 30 minutes away walking. It was really cool. Just our district went and we played a bunch of games with a volleyball and stuff. And then finished drinking cocanut milk, which is great, and then we ate at a really good chicken restaurant.
I found out at least 4 of my group will be extending. It's a hard choice because I want to be home for all those celebrations like Hayley's grad party, my birthday, Jimmy's, and the 4th, and also so I could get back running quick and working as well. But I already told President Rowley I'd stay. I was talking to one elder in my zone and told him I was extending even though I have so many reasons to go home on the normal day and  he said that the fact that I'm extending helped him a lot because he was feeling homesick and wanted to be at home but he said I helped him a lot just telling him that and he felt better because I've decided to stay the 6 more weeks and miss those occasions. 
That's crazy that Jason is already home and that Danielle and Rebekah are coming home! I still remember when I left and it doesn't feel like it was long ago at all. 
Love you guys, have a great week and always be happy.

Elder Evans 

Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6 2015

I hope everyone had a great Easter and General Conference! I loved the general conference, it seemed to go much faster and I learned way more. It was my last general conference in the mission and we were able to watch all but one session in English. And when they spoke in spanish we changed it to the spanish channel to hear his actual voice. Elder Holland gave a great talk as always that made me pay more attention than I did in my physics class. There were so many great talks but that was the one that stood out to me the most as he talked about the Atonement and how he reached down into the abyss of death and rose out of it three days later to save us from our failings and fallings. He's always ready to reach out His arms to rescue us from our falls and everything. Our two converts Jairo and Alejandro attended with us, and three or more less actives. Unfortunately none of our investigatores went.
This week my companion has been sick and it was really hard fro him to work. He is now mostly better and we  are hoping that our investigator Rosa can get baptized this sunday or the next (our bishop only can attend sundays).
Hope you guys have a great week. Have fun and be happy!
Love, Elder Evans
P.S. We had transfers today and I am staying another transfer here in Buenos Aires with Elder Bradford (oh by the way I know a few of his friends from BYU). Elder Vasquez, who I trained in Morropon is here in Sullana and also Elder Mauricio, my companion in Jorge Chavez. My two "sons" are here in Sullana now haha