Thursday, July 25, 2013

July 25 2013

This will be my email to the family so i dont have to respond to everyone.    The CCm is great! and the winter here isn´t too bad but it does actually get kinda cold since I´m used to the hot humid weather. The weather is hazy and we only saw the sun the first two days we were here. I was called as the district leader our first night so I´ve been a little more busy than most. And classes are going great. I can now pray and testify in spanish as well as recite the missionary objective, baptism challenge, first vision, moroni´s promise, and proverbs 3:5-6 in spanish. I am good at memorizing so it came quickly. I met Jessica Naatjes´s (Chuck Naatjes´s daughter) cousin on her mom´s side. Her name is hermana Christianson or something close to that spelling. Tell Chuck if you ever see him soon. It´s kinda funny that I am one of the translators here for latin missionaries when they want to tell a gringo something. And vice versa sometimes. I went to the temple today and I got down the money system. We take a bus there. I was going to buy a watch but forgot but the running watch´s battery is doing really well so I´ll be good for a while. I can´t load pictures so wait a bit til I can. Telll me how to do dropbox but I might not be able to do that till im in the field. im not sure. I couldn't find many good peruvian ties today so hopefully next week it´ll be better. I am having a blast and can´t say much really. But there was one really funny story. One night my room was getting ready for sleep, my companion in bed already but our room was a little messy and all of a sudden one peruvian roommate runs in whispering in a yelling kind of way "el Presidente is coming! El presidente is coming!" so my companion jumped out of bed and everyone scrambled around the room throwing our luggage cases on the warddrobes where they were supposed to be and the latinos just kept freaking out and as soon as we finished, hearts stilll racing, the President peaked his head in and looked around with a satisfied face and said good night. As soon as he left one latino slowly peaked his head out to see where he was, then closed the door and we all burst out in laughter. It was hilarious. I will never forget that night haha.  That´s all for now. Say hi to everyone!                                                                                                    Love you Guys!!!

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