Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 16 2014

Happy Fathers day! I hope one day late is alriht. I hope everything went well yesterday and you all had a good time!
We had transfers today but Eldr Campo and I are staying! I ll have 6 months in my first two areas and i'll have my birthday here and my year mark. A bunch of the members, especially the ward mission leader, and the family of the pensionista, and my district are super excited that I'll pass my birthday here ha. I will finish the training of my compnion elder campo and I am once again district leader. Elder Bradshaw, who was with me in the ccm, arrived here as my zone leader and elder prince, my ccm companion is in tumbes so I'll see him a bunch too. I am sad that Elder Stanley left and went to Piura, and Elder Mena, one of my zone leaders, left just after once tranfer here, because he is now Assistente. But that's suepr cool, I'm supper excited for him, hes super cool. Elder Castro still is my zone leader here for these 4 transfers, we arrived to puyango together and we will leave together (in this mission 4 transfers in one area is the maximum so it's sure that we both go). 
Anyway, this week was great. We had 2 investigadores present in the stake conference yesterday, the both of them want to get baptized. The both already want to get baptized, one has a baptismal date set for the 5th of July and the other we stll have to set up a day and time, and she has to go to church one more time (three times at least). We are starting to see the work coming along really well here and there are lots of people progressing or going to progress.
In the stake conference one of the presidency of the temple Guayaquil gave a talk, as well as Luiggi Mendoza (a member in my ward getting ready to send his mission pappers in). Luiggi's talk was so good, he said stuff like (in the translation): ¨When I read the scriptures, I tell myself: The Church is true. When I go to church on sundays, I tell myself: The Church is true, When I go out with the missionaries, I tell myself: the Church is true.¨ He also said that in a liahona magazine (ensign) he found a quote that said something like this: ¨Äs members of the church, we leave the bad behind for the good, and we leave the good behind for the better.`  
I hope that we all can start telling ourselves without a doubt that the church is true as we go about in our daily routines, and that we can leave the good behind for the better because we have all already left the bad behind for the good. We can always improve in something. 
I love you all and once again I hoppe you all had a great Father's day, especially you Dad!


Elder Evans

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