Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 23 2014

Hey everyone, this week was pretty sweet. For the first time in a long time we were able to give service this week. Two times! WE shoveled dirt one day and the other the zone leaders Elder Bradshaw, Elder Castro, and also Elder Campo and I took down an active wasps nest in the terreno of a family near the chapel. It was pretty cool, and no one got hurt. At the end the injured wasps were on the ground were fighting with the ants, and the ants won. They satrted carrying the wasps to their holes to eat and what not. Also, we had a bunch of appointments this week and our investigators are progressing a bunch. The family Pacherres (the family we re-activated and baptized the youngest daughter) presented us to one of their neighbors and now we are teaching her and her kids. Normally she attends the family home evenings in the house of the family Pacherres with us and she went to church too this week. Another interesting thing that happened is that we found a cousin of the stake president and are now teaching her, her husband, and her kids (her husband is a taxi driver and we really found him and contacted him first, he accepted having us over one afternoon so we started teaching them). The husband is super cool, they have 3 kids and want to get married so we will try helping them with that as well.
Today for Pday we went to the beach with the zones tumbes and Puyango and played american FOOTBALL!! And my companion from the ccm Elder Prince is in tumbes so we caught up a bunch today. All is going well with me here in the hot frontier, or desert. The work is going well. We're hoping to have 7 baptisms in July, we'll be working harder than ever before I think.
And yes, the world cup is big here but Peru doesnt have their team in the world cup so everyone has to choose a different team. I plan on buying a USA jersey in a week or two. Maybe a few other jerseys from other countries. I want to take advantage of the world cup here and buy some jersyes haha.
Anyway, I'm quite alright. Hope everyone up in the states are doing well too. Know that I love you all!

Elder Evans

Ps. This week in my studies I read a lot about Alma and when he and his sons went to preach to the zoramites. chaptes 31 to 33 or farther are pretty sweet. It talks about faith and the people who keep the commandments before being impulsed to keep them are the most blessed.
A service activity picking mangos

Boys love to be in trees

Pday at the Pacific

A mango and a smile

Elder Paul is holding a wasps' nest that they "exterminated"

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