Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March 2 2015

Hey everybody! Another week went by. Weird. This week was pretty great. Very eventful. One recent convert, the mom of Jairo who will be getting baptized on the 14th got super sick. Her heart swelled up and affected her brain and was suupper sick. We gave her a blessing on Tuesday night. Then President Rowley on Wednesday wanted to acompany us for the afternoon to a few appointments and we ended up going back to that family's house to see if she was better but was much worse. The husband and then President both said a prayer for the family and it was super powerful. We prayed for that family all week and visited them every night to see how they were doing and they all ended up going to church yesterday. She had gotten better and she and her husband and son Jairo went to church. We were super happy to see her better and with her family. Jairo is excited for his baptism and we are finishing the lessons.
This week will be pretty eventful as well with the mission leader council and a meeting with President Rowley and President Inga (the Sullana stake president) on Wednesday and Tuesday. Hope you all have a great week and make it the best it can be!
[Replying to some of his mother's questions] With my companion we do speak english, but in the street we speak spanish because we already call a lot of attention. Sometimes while talking in english in the room we'll accidentally say two or three sentences in spanish. It's strange doing that.
Ah yeah Dad told you about me getting robbed with my last companion. It wasn't really that bad. We couldn't tell if they had any arms or not. And that is true,  there are a lot of strange things that have happened on the mission that I'll save to tell you guys until I get home. I'm trying to get better to stay happy and calm despite the stress that comes from being the zone leader senior companion after just one transfer of learning what to do. It's not bad but sometimes it's stressful. 
Today we had a fun zone activity and everyone had fun. Elder Eddington is in my zone again. He was my zone leader in Castilla and now I'm one of his zone leaders here lol. He brought the game Bang to play as we did as a district in my last area. 
Have a great week. I pray for the family too.
Elder Bradford and Elder Evans

Elder Evans

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