Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9 2015

Hey everybody. Hope you all had a happy Woman's Day this week. I don't know if it's the same everywhere but here it happened on Sunday if I'm not mistaken. Hope you are doing well. I had a pretty good week. We learned a lot htis week from President Rowley and the other zone leaders and sister trainers/leaders in our council. We had a great zone conference (pictures are below) and taught a lot more about some iniciatives we have started to work more with members and how we can be more involved in the ward councils. 
This week we found out that Jairo (an investigator who wants to get baptized) will be going to Paita for this week to work so he won't be getting baptized until the 21st of March but it'll be fine because that's when Alejandro will be getting baptized as well. They're 18 years old. We are super excited for them and they are doing great. They just lack a few lessons more. They're all ready and are reading the Book of Mormon. It's great to see how much Jairo has changed. Beforehand he wasn't very talkative and didn't participate much but now he loves the lessons and he participates way more and is excited for his baptism. 
Love you guys, I hope everything is going well. I have had a good p-day because we have an investigator who brought us to a gym for free because he works there and it is the nicest I've seen on the mission. I'll just say I got to run 4 miles on a treadmill. You can understand how excited I am. The administrator there is a member and told us we could go whenever we want without paying. We are very happy. 
Oh yeah, and President Rowley invited us to read the entire Book of Mormon before July 1st because that is when he goes home and the new President Rasmussen gets here. We will underline everything that has to do with faith, repentence, the Atonement, baptism, and the Holy Spirit. I started it and I realized every page so far has scriptures about at least one of those topics. 
Love you guys, have a great week!!

Elder Evans

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