Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27 2015

Hey everybody! This week was bad but good at the same time. my companion got super sick on Tuesday and we couldn't go on splits so we didn't get any work done but he's al good now so we're good. We found some new promising investigatores this week. One is named Juana and she is really interested in the church because she talked to missionaries a long time ago. She lives with her husband but they're not married and she knows she should get married so hopefully we can help them do that. On Sunday I got to confirm Rosita a member of the church (the investigator we baptized last week). It was the first time I got to confirm someone so it was a really cool experience. Also we are getting the ward excited to work and do their visits. On Sundays we are now going out to work with the elders quorum to visit everyone who didn't attend church and the investigatores. The relief society also goes out to visit the sisters on Sundays. We're trying to reactivate all the converts of the last 2 years and as many other less actives as possible while also inviting the investigatores to come to church.
Love you all and I hope you have a great week!! 

Elder Evans

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