Thursday, August 1, 2013

Aug 1 2013

That's super awesome! and the House on the Rock sounds alike a really cool place to go to! The pouch or whatever sounds like a good plan! I think they just deliver the mail and stuff to us in our classes. Today is my p day and the lima temple is really cool! I have pictures that I will try to send you but I have to find my camera cord. Also, the temple is actually closed for a few weeks so we just went shopping for a few hours. I bought a two peru jerseys and soccer shoes because we play soccer almost every day. Luckily everything here is super cheap, the most expensive thing i bought were the soccer shoes for 90 soles, which is roughly about 30-35 dollars. My district is made up of 12 elders, no hermanas. One wave of missionaries left for the mission field early morning so the mtc was really empty for a few days but this morning the next big wave came in so its full again. There are mostly americans now, whereas last week was mainly latinos. We got to go proselyting and that was really cool. Our bus broke down though so we instead just proselyted in that surrounding areaa. And we were on splits with native spanish speakers but i still was able to talke about prayer and the Book Of Mormon in spanish. We placed a few of those and submitted referrals to the missionaries in their areas. I may try sending some pictures in email form because I dont think I can go to dropbox at the mtc but we'll see. Thats all I have for now, love you guys!     

Elder Evans (P.S. I may not use apostrophies or correct grammar because Im trying to type fast so I can get everything sent.)

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