Monday, September 2, 2013

Sept 2 2013

Week 1 in Piura
Please forgive my grammar and punctuation, I type fast and dont have much time. My first area is a city called Morropòn, about 2 hours farther inland from Piura. Its beautiful here, up in the mountains. The people are super nice too. Its hard getting used to it but Im doing alright. I feel way better already just from writing everyone for the first time in 2 weeks. 
In this mission, the missionaries pay one lady in the ward to serve us lunch every day, and the food is fantastic. Its a ton of rice everyday with chicken or eggs on top, sometimes we get soup too. This lady is one heck of a cook, it fills me up pretty well, at least until dinner, which we usually eat at around 830 or 9. Although, I have to say I do miss my mom´s home cooked dinner a lot, because I´m so used to that. I also miss burgers, theres nothing like that here. 
My branch only has about 18 active members so its really small. We have had good luck this week though, especially fast saturday (in south america we fast starting right after staturday lunch, and then we fast until lunch on sunday at 1 or 2 in the afternoon). On that saturday we committed an investigatior Hermano Clemente to baptism and his date is set for the 21st. He is trying to get over his problems with the word of wisdom but we are helping him and we think he will be ready, he said he should be ready by then. Its also strange that here they call each other hermano/a followed by their first name rather than their last. 
My spanish was great in the CCM (MTC) but out here its virtually nonexistent haha. Im trying my best though and I have faith that it will come in time. 
This is all I have time for now, sorry I couldnt say much and if I didnt respond to your emails its because I didnt have time, the internet is slow and for one whole hour neither my companion´s nor my email would open so we went to another cafe.
Love and miss you all, hope everything is going well!
Elder Paul Evans


  1. Great to hear. I'd love to pay someone in the ward to do all my cooking (actually Jenny would love to pay someone...) I'll bet his laundry will be the same thing.

  2. He seems well cared for in his essential needs. This is a really different situation for him. I'm glad he gets a good lunch everyday! His language skills will come in time. I loved seeing the pictures of him with his trainer and President.

  3. I'm so proud of my missionary grandsons. That's nice that he gets home cooked lunches but eating diner at 8 or 9pm I wouldn't like. The language will come fast.