Monday, September 9, 2013

Sept 9 2013

Thats awesome! I wish I could have been there for the rain, rainsortms are my favorite! Here we`ve had nothing but sun, sun, and more sun, except this week wev had a few days with clouds. Im slowly getting better i think, with the language and with the homesickness, though sometimes all i can think about is the day i get home and coming out of the airport with you guys, and haveiing macncheese, im still trying to find my place here and am trying to like it here but its slow in coming. The culture is completely different and very strange to me. BUt its coming along.
Here its the same, just working with members mostly , especialy the less actives, thats our focus in this mission. My night time teacher from the ccm called our phone today because he has friends in morropon and got our number from them. We talked for 20 minutes and it was awesome, made me feel much better. Ill try using that one website for pictures today cause i have some pictures to send. 
Morropon has very little cars, most people travel by small moto taxis, and whenever we need to travel to chulucanas for a district meeting or to piura for something we need to hop in a van or on a bus to take us there. We`re super isolated here, the nearest elders are in chulucanas 45 min away. But we see them most pdays and meetings so its not too bad. also, we have stake conference this coming sunday.
Yesterday and today we havent had water, except at random times so yesterday i couldnt shower, and today i showered using pure water that i put in my water bottle earlier. Except my companion got luky and when he howered he had water both times haha. Also im not sure if i have bed bugs or im just getting misquito bites. Oh and there are LOTS of spiders in the room, lots of daddy long leg type spiders but im doing fine, when we cleaned the room today i probably killed 20, but they kill the bugs so i left a bunch alone haha.
Tell Morgan and Grandma I got their letters and I loved gettting them, they took a few weeks to get here and i can only send letters in piura so it might be a while before i can send anything back so if they want my email you can give it to them, that is much faster. Im sorry about Great uncle Morris, that has to be hard. 
 Love you all!
Elder Paul

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