Monday, January 20, 2014

Jan 20 2014 My first lap of the mile complete, or 2nd lap of the 2 Mile

The mission is starting to pick up speed just like when I ran high school track, running my first two laps slow and kicking it for the second half. I'm getting into the groove and I'm getting ready to really kick it.
This week we challenged three investigators to be baptized, and we had a 100% acceptance rate. They still need to go to church so we set their baptismal dates for February, I hope to at least see one of their baptisms on the 8th. And then the other two (a father and son) for the 15th. Although we have exchanges oon the 10th so I'll be settng up Morrropon for a good month or two. We are finding 7-8 new investigators every week and of those only 2 or 3 progress but with the constrant stream of new investigatores we should be ablt to baptize at least 2 or three evrey month here. We are working our butts off. I want my last exchange here in Morropon to be one to never forget. A lot of people know Moropon and feel sorry for us for having to serve here. One zone leader a while back even told us that every area has the capabilities of having baptims every week if the missionaries work hard. He said ¨If Morropon can do it, every area can¨ and so this last six weeks I have been working as hard as possible to set Morropon up with baptisms every week for the month of February. And so far we have two weeks set. 
Amid this work effort, I fell sick agian with a stomach infection, throwing up every two hours on friday night, starting at 10pm. The last time I threw u, at 4am Satuday, I threw up and had a nose bleed at the same time so I freaked out and thought something bad was happening. The zone leaders knew I was sick so they told me to call if anything changed, so we called them and they called Sister Rowley and President Rowley and then Hermana and President Rowley called me and gave me instrucciones for medicine. I couldn't do anything on Saturday, I felt like my body had died but I wanted to get out to work so bad. But now I am better so its all good!
I teach principios del evangelio class every sunday to our investigators and youth of the branch. We had 3 investigators attend this week so we were really happy. Hermana Eva and her son, and then a guy named Johny Montenegro. Hermana Eva no esta casada but we are going to try helping her and her husband set up plans to get married so they can get baptized with their two sons.
So this week went realy well except for friday night and saturday. We have three baptism dates and are praying a lot for these investigators so that they will be ready. At first Roberto, one of the investigators, said maybe later, but I shared scriptures of the importance of the Gift of the Holy Ghost in Acts and the 2Nephi 33: 1-5 and testified of the Holy Ghost and that if he prays to know if our message is true he will receive an answer, that it really is. And I said ¨when you receive your answer, which we know you will, will you prepare to be baptized for the 15th of Febuary?¨ And he paused, then said yes, yes I will. Then his son of 10 years old said that he will too. It was a huge spiritual experience. It was weird hearing my voice being very bold, yet very loving at the same time and we all knew the Spirit was there.
Anyway, thats this week. Oh and I went on splits with Elder MorĂ¡n in Chulucanas this week. It was great. Ill try sending pictures. Oh and random fact, Chulucanas might be the size of the Dufferin Park area at home in Savage, possibly a bit bigger, but it has 76,000 people. The enitre city of Savage only has like 30,000.That's how crowded the city is here.  

Love you all, have a great week!!

Elder Evans

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