Monday, January 6, 2014

Jan 6 2014

We just finished the frst week of another tranfer in Morropon. By the end of this transfer ill have 6 months just in morropon, and it seems possible that I might stay another transfer, who knows. This week we got a lot of work done. This last week was better than all of our last 6 weeks. We visited less actives and new converts and found new investigators and in four days we contacted more than 40 people in the streets and have lots of apointments set up for this week with new investigators. It is like we are starting over here because all of our investigtors fell through. Oh and just a second ago I experienced my first earthquake. While writing this email there was a minor earthquake and we all felt the floors shaking and rattling. It was pretty sweet.
Our district changed a ton. They took out two elders from Chulucanas (there used to be 4) and put in hermanas. Hermana Garlick from Texas somehere outside Houstin and Hna Goz├ín from Honduras. They're pretty cool, I'll hve to get used to having hermanas around in the district cause I never have had any hermanas in the district before, although since I'm in Morropon I only see them once or twice a week so it's still not that different. Today we had a district activity in Chulucanas but I dont have good batteries right now so I dont have pictures. We just climbed a big hill with a cross and another with a big CHULUCANAS on it, like from my previous pictures. 
Oh and I am having major allergic rashes on my arms and face and neck, people think I ate something I'm allergic to but I dont know what im allergic to so that helps a lot. I have times where I wake up at night because Ive been scratching my face and eyes in my sleep. Im pretty red, Im taking allergy medicine I took from home as well as the excema lotion. Oh well.
Oh, and the santemontes are coming (the crickets). One night we found 15 or more massive flying crickets in the room and outside the room, so we kiled them all. They are disgusting.

Have a great week!

Love, Elder Evans

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