Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 28 2014

Ah the rain sounds good. The peruanos dicen que it rains very hard here, but their 'raining hard' significa a normal rain in minnesota. And it only rains for one night and no more. It would be cool to see a good downpour. But it is alway ssuper hot and muggy despues de la rain. Piura is hotter and the sun burns more but here in tumbes it is much more humid and you sweat much more here in tumbes. Today I ate cow stomach for breakfast and it was super good. We eat it with rice and a certain type of sauce. Also, the mayonaise here is very differetn. Here they put lemon in it and it is super good. Here, you put mayonaise on almost everything. Rice, chicken, beef, anything. Also, they put lemon in almost every drink and soup, it gives it more flavor. Today I started a soccer jersey collection. Well, I already bought one od Peru but now I'm buying one of a country of my companions. Until now, I've had a companion peruano, chileno, y ecuatoriano, so I bought a jersy of Chile. All of the jersies are the ones the teams use for the sorld cup. So soon I'll have one from Ecuador and a few other countries as I have more companions from other countries. I don't have any pictures yet. And I stil cant get on to dropbox. But I don't have many new pictures yet. 
These last few weeks have been a little hard but I'm excited for the transfers coming up this week. I'll try sending a photo or two of the day I went to a chacra of a member. It's a tree farm, or orchard.
Love, Elder EVans

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