Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March 31 2014

Hey everyone this week was pretty good. We had more appointments than the last week. On saturday there was a youth ward activity where they all served as missionaries for a few hours. They did studies in the morning and we 4 missionaries taught them how they need to study and such and then they left with us to go visit less actives. The missionaries seperated to go with a group of youth (there was always at least one priest in the group so we could go on 'splits'). We found a bunch of new less actives to visit and the youth bore such strong testimonies and shared a message from the 1st presidency in the liahona. It was awesome. It made me remember the days during missionary week when the youth left with an adult to visit a family and practice teach the Restauracion. I remember going with Bro Giblette and Haden and Nathan Johnson and this activity made me think of that day many years ago.
Also,last sunday one of our baptisms fell through, the lady told us she doesn't want to hear anymore from us and said she won't get baptized, so we stopped visiting her this week to give her time and yesterday she actually showed up to church!!! She said she will start going to church every week and was much happier than she seemed when she told us she didn't want to hear more. I know it was for sure a miracle that happened and we hope she can keep up with these desires to go to church and get baptized, she just needs to attend church one more time before the Sacrament. 
Can't wait for general conference! I'll be watching here in the stake center in tumbes Peru!
Oh yeah, and on wednesday I'll be going to Ecuador because I still don't have my visa*, other missionaries are coming with me too. It'll be only a few hours but it'll be cool because I'll be able to say I also went to Ecuador! I'm pretty excited for that! We'll contact and share the gospel there too in the market or something so I can say I served in two missions! Haha. 
Anyway, thanks for all the prayers and everyhting you all do for me, have a great week!!


Elder Evans
*Mother's note: Jim explained to me that because Elder P E is technically in Peru on an expired tourist visa, he has to leave Peru for a day and then re-enter on a new tourist visa. Hence the quickie trip to Ecuador.

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