Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 7 2014

 Esta semana fue lo maximo. This week we had a zone conference and learned a lot there and we are all trying to start praying on our knees with our investigators more often after a lesson. Here in Peru the floor of all the houses are usually dirt so barely anyone ever prays on their knees in the lessons but we started doing it this wee and even though everyone gets their pants dirty it has brought the spirit more and more. Also I got to go to Ecuador this week. Solo for a little bit though. We had to fill out papers for 30 or 40 minutes or so. There was a guy who went with us from Lima, he works in the church general offices in Lima and he said he would try getting us to lima in a few weeks to continue working on our papers and to send us to the temple! I dont know if we'll actually be able to but he said he would try getting permission and all that.
This week we found a joven and taught him and his family the restauracion. Then, two days later he and his grandma went to general conference, the saturday afternoo session. The grandma found it really interesting that we do baptisms for the dead and that we have a huge library database for family history. She is a Testigo de Jehova but is very interested in the temple and family history work. We are going to work hard with this family, we've got high hopes!
General conference was great as always, on saturday they quoted the apostale Pablo so many times, the epistles  that he wrote in the new testament are some of my favorites (and not for his name haha) so I thought that was pretty cool. Also in the Priesthood session, President Uchtorf asked a question "Are you sleeping during the restoration?" He said that we all need to work and spread the gospel and quicken the spread of the message of the restoration. We can't just let others do it and "sleep" during the work. We all need to do our part so we can  say in the judgement seat that we worked gave it our all, instead of saying that we were asleep and didn't do anything.
I am sending some fotos from the youth activity from a week or two ago. When all the youth served as missionaries for a day. They had fake plaques that said futuro misionero.
That's about all I got for now. This coming week nothing too special or cool will happen, we just have a multi-zone conference on friday, but that is pretty cool actually.
Hope everyone learned something new in conference and that you'll apply it and have a great week! And don't sleep during the restoration ;)

Love, Elder Evans

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