Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June 30 2014

This week went pretty fast. My last transfer in Los angeles is going quicker than the rest. I'm already getting sad to leave. My companion and I have the goal of 7 baptisms this month and are working as hard as we can to do it. One oinvestigator said that her mom and dad said she could get baptised (she is best friends with the family of the pensionista so she has support in the church) but her extended family aren't very excited so we're really hoping all goes well. Another inveistigator that lives with the pensionistas's family wasn't progressing a whole lot but this week went to church for the first time so we are gonna work super hard these few weeks to resolve her doubts and all about getting baptized a second time. We have a few others that go to church and my english classes, yes I am teaching english here, and we have a lot of work to do but we are doing it and we have faith that we'll see at least some success before leaving here. 
Today I cut my hair super short because it was getting a little long. I'm super excited for the coming weeks, my whole district have people to baptize this month. It's like our baptism droubt might come to an end in July. I love my district and we're alll trucking it here. 
Tell hayley i would die for a cold and windy week haha. Today it is super hot and we're styarting winter haha. That's sweet that matt is going to tomahawk. I never did go there. But I loved manypoint. Tell Katie and Christian hi for me.Starting tomorrow, I am just going to tell peopple I have a year in the mission. The start of July is close enough. Yeah that's so true about the story of Abinadi and Ll that. One person or one family can make a huge difference. We reactivated a family, and I baptized the youngest girl in the family. Since then, they have presented us to 3 families and we are working with one and will startt working with the others this week hopefully. They go to my english classes. This week in my class I had them all present themselves in english, saying their name, where they're from, and what they like to do. It was super cool.
Oh yeah, and this week I went on splits with Elder Bradshaw for two days. he's my zone leader and it was super cool. It's so weird that almost a year ago we were together in the ccm hah. Oh and Elder Miller in my district was born in burnsville minnesota. The same hospital. He lived in Eagan for 3 years only and then moved to new mexico. He's the only one else here from mn that I know of! It feels good to have a brother here haha.
Love you all and hope all is well back home!!

Elder Evans

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