Thursday, November 13, 2014

Nov 10 2014

Hey everybody. This week the zone had interviews with President Rowley and my ward held an activity in the church on saturday. A ton of the appointments fell through and my companion had an allergic reaction this week an dgot sick so we couldn't do a whole lot this week. The activity went great though. Everyone had a blast. It was like a sports night with small games and competitions. A bunch of members came and the purpose was that they would bring non members to get to know each other and receive referencias. About 3 or 4 investigators of ours went and had a great time and met some of the members and 4 more people came and we wrote down their addresses and numbers to visit them this coming week. We didn't have as many references as we wanted, but a ton of members came and enjoyed themselves. We have another activity coming up in a few weeks that is pretty much an 'open doors' activity or however it's called in english. In spanish it's 'puertas abiertas.' Hopefully that activity turns out well. One of our investigators Alex and his less active wife attended the activity and said they wouldn't be able to attend church but they did anyway. It was the first time for me seeing them together in the church on a sunday. Alex at times goes but not his wife. It was awesome. But unfortunately they had to work after the sacrament meeting so they left early.
This week on Saturday Elder Evans from the seventy will be coming to the mission to address us so that's pretty exciting. 
Have a great week! Love ya!

Elder Evans

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