Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Nov 24 2014

Hey everybody. This week was pretty sweet. This week, and last week as well, we changed the roof of two houses. The elder's quorom president needed our help taking down his roof and replacing it the week before. This week we helped an inactive member replace his roof as well as he and his wife are preparing for the summer here and bought new roof pieces that donn't absorb as much sunlight as the other metal sheets they had on the house beforehand. I got pretty sunburnt. Also, this week while tracting, or knocking on doors, looking for new investigators, we found an inactive lady who got baptized about 30 years ago. She was one of the first people baptized in the Piura area or something. She was super nice and was very happy that we had passed  by. She doesn't go to church because every sunday she goes looking for food to eat by doing small chores for her daughters or granddaughters like washing clothes or dishes or something. She is really poor but the relief society went to visit her to see if she can receive help to provide for herself (she is too old to work and her kids don't do much for her). No one accepted us that day except her but we are happy to have found her and hopefully we can help her. On sunday we went on splits, I went with the bishop, the second counselor of the bishopric, and the relief society president to visit a few families while my companion went with the ward mission leader and the other elders to the coorilation meeting. They planned the final details for our "open doors" or "meeting the mormons" activity we'll have on saturday and I and the others already mentioned visited a less active family and some familiies of investigators we have to help them feel more welcome in the church and feel comfortable. It was super cool.
On Saturday we receive the news for the transfers. Anything is possible!
In my studies I've been reading in Mormon, coming close to the end. I love the later chapters 7 and 8 when he and Moroni talk about the Book of Mormon being revealed in the latter days and how it was written to help us develope faith that Jesus is the Christ, the son of God. So keep reading it! 

Have a great week! Love,

Elder Evans

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