Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Jan 12 2015

Well, I'll start off by telling you guys I'm writing you all from Buenos Aires.
This week was my last week in Piura. I am pretty sad to have left my ward Jorge Chavez, the members are awesome and my companion Elder Mauricio is one of my best friends. And of course, my district was super. We had a great last week though. We taught this one lady Rosemary who accepted us really well and she knows a ton from the Bible so it was an awesome lesson. She said she would start to read the Book of Mormon and that she would pray about it because she has been in "looking for God" for many years. Her mother in law is a strong member who helps her out and supports her. 
We got together as a district after receiving the calls about the transfers and had a mini activity playing BANG and eating pizza. Elder Rodriguez (one of the zone leaders) and I are the only ones of the district who left. The whole district was super sad that he and I left. We made more Gushy mushy too, but my computer won't let me send the pictures. After one short transfer they sent me to Buenos Aires, estaca Sullana (about an hour north of Piura). Here it is even hottER than Piura. I had a rough week with head pains due to the heat but here it's even hotter. But I am all good. I am here with Elder Arce. We are the zone leaders in Sullana. I never thought I'd be one, I'm pretty nervous because it's a lot of responsability but Elder Arce is awesome and will teach me well. He was my zone leader when I was in San Pedro. He's from Argentina. We'll go out running a bunch here so I am pretty excited. 

Anyway, love you guys, hope you all have a great week!! 

Elder Evans

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