Monday, January 19, 2015

Jan 19 2015

Hey everyone! It's super hot here. But I'm alright here in Buenos Aires. My companion Elder Arce and I have been sweating all day every day working hard and visiting as many people as possible. We have found a bunch of new investigators this week, 7 to be exact. And we have been talking to way more people in the street than I am used to- It's awesome. We have an investigator with a baptismal date for Feb. 28 because we need to get her and her less active husband married. She really wants to get baptized and has attended twice to church. Her husband is cool too. An inactive member but is really nice and wants to return to church as well but continues working on sundays. Anyway, I miss my old district but I am happy to be here. Elder Arce and I are working harder than ever before and dealing with all the zone business as well. I found a lot of comfort in the Book of Jacob these last few days. I've been stressed with my new responsabilities but I love Jacob 5. It talks about the vineyard and how the Lord is always working with us if we seek to do His will.

President Rowley is the only missionary with a car in theis mission so that answers the first question hah.  [Mother's note: I asked him if zone leaders get cars in Peru] And my companion Elder Arce and I are in charge of the monetary funds for the zone. We pay for the missionaries' trips to Piura when they have training meetings, or to Lima for their visas, we pay for the bins of water to distribute to the missionaries. We also have meetings with President Rowley and the stake president every month. The district leaders report to us and we report to the assistents and to President Rowley. We do the baptismal interviews for the investigatores of the district leaders. We also are in charge of training the zone once a month. Zone leaders also can take the cellphone to the lessons and in the street. The rest of the missionaries leave the phones in the room. Oh and every week we report online all the things we bought or paid for with the zone fund.
It's pretty stressful being ZL constantly receiving phone calls from the office. district leaders, the assistents, President, and also we have to correct missionaries when they decide to do stupid stuff. But im alright. My companion is great, a super hard worker and is teaching me well. 

Love you all! Have a great MLK day!!

Elder Evans

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  1. Just like Trumpy, missionaries can do stupid things!! haha

    This mission is just preparing them for all the balancing acts they'll have to do the rest of their lives. Budgets, food, stupid things - those are all the same things we do as parents and employees!!!