Thursday, January 8, 2015

Jan 5 2015

Hey everybody! Hope you all had a happy new year!! News year here is pretty crazy. It is completely out of control and pretty awesome. My companion and I didn't want to stay the night in our room because of the party that was next door so the zone leaders let us stay with them. At midnight all silence broke. People started launching fireworks and burning giant "año viejos" (google it if you wish) in the streets and everything. Año viejos are like giant dolls of people stufed with hay (more like scarcrows but look like normal people). They burn them to burn all the bad spirits and bad things that happened to them in the year and start it fresh once again. There was so much smoke in the streets, we watched from the front door, pretty crazy stuff.
This week one day we walked out of the house where we had an appointment with some less actives and two sisters from the ward called out to us from the street saying they were then just looking for us. They said another sister and her family needs us and a blessing and they showed us where the family lived and we taught them and gave a blessing and they are doing better now. We keep teaching them because their are teenagers there who are less actives. It was a cool experience. The two sisters in the street would have passed us by if we had not exited the house at that exact moment. I'm doing great here, having a blast and working hard. The bishop wants my companion and me to teach piano lessons on saturdays to the youth and the YSA haha, so we will on saturday and see how it goes.

Love you all!! And have a great birthday Katie!!! 

Elder Evans

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