Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May 4 2015

Hey everybody! This week was pretty cool. One of our investigatores Teresa, whose husband is a recent convert baptized in Chiclayo, is progressing pretty well. We gave her a Book of Mormon and she also asked us how she could be baptized in the our church. It's one of those dream questions on the mission! haha. So we explained to her all of the requirements and everything and her husband is awesome too. He helps a lot in the lessons and encourages her. She didn't accept the baptismal date because she doesn't think she's quite ready but she does want to get baptized soon. We still have to teach the lessons and stuff.
The other elders in our ward had a baptism yesterday and that was great. The guy Pedro is a dad who had been receiving the missionaries for more than a year but finally he and his wife were able to get married on Saturday and he was able to get baptized. His wife was an inactive member a long time ago but they have been going to church together for almost a year and it was a super happy day for the ward because he was pretty much already a member. He will be a great leader in the church I'm sure. President and Sister Rowley attended the baptism and it was really cool.
We had exchanges with the assistants and I went to their area with Elder Mendoza and they have a reeeeallly nice room, with hot water. We had a good time and found a ton of new investigatores!
Hope everyone has a great week and that all the mothers have a happy Mother's day! On Sunday afternoon I'll be calling home for the last time! I'm super excited! 
Love you all, 
Elder Evans

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