Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18 2015

Hey everybody! This week was full of surprises! One of our converts Jairo has had a lot of health problems and fainted two times and was pretty bad. A missionary in the zone was also really really sick and we had to go help the both of them. We've bee visiting a reference of a recent convert, and the investigator, Cesar, is listening and accepted the Restoration and belives that God needed to call a new prophet. He is really cool but he has problems going to church on sundays so we have to work hard with him. And Teresa, a convert's wife is slowly progressing but goes to a different ward instead of ours because they recently moved and didn't know they changed ward boundaries and don't really want to switch wards. We are trying to help her understand that God is ready to answer any body's prayer, not just the ones who are 'close to God'.
Today we had transfers. Surprisingly, I will be finishing the mission here in Buenos Aires! And Elder Bradford, after only two transfers here with me, left to Talara. I am now with Elder Garay, from Paraguay. He will be the missionary that 'killls' me ha. 

Have a great week! Be happy! Love you guys!

Elder Evans


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