Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nov 18 2013

Hey everyone! This week has been a wild one. All week I have felt pressure on whetherI'll stay in Morropon and teach the area to an experienced misionary or leave. Then we found out that a huge group of new missionaries are coming in so that changed things. Either Elder Roman will stay for two more cambios or I will to train. I went on splits with Elder Chen in Chulucanas and that was great. He is a very hard working missionary and we taught a lot of good lessons. Then on saturday night we had noche de hogar in the ouse of a member, once we got back to the apartment the pressure was intense waiting for the call from the zone leaders. When they finally called they told us that Elder Roman is going to serve in Sullana and I will be staying in Morropon, to train a new missionary! I'm pretty nervous because I only just finishe my training, but I am really excited as well. Today I am serving with Elder Chen because his companion Elder Farnsworth and my companion Elder Roman left to their new areas. Tomorrow Elder Chen and I will go to Piura to get our new Elders, fresh from the CCM, and then sleep in Piura with other Elders because on Wednesday we travel early to Chiclayo (3 hours away) to go to the devocional with Elder Nelson. I'm so excited and pumped for this week, I get to start training and I get to hear another apostole.
This makes me think of Ether 12:27-30 because I am so new and I still have a long ways to go with my spanish but Presidente Rowley received revelation that I should be a trainer. The Lord does call the weak, so they can become strong. I know other americans that started their missions with me and some of them are being transferred to other areas instead of training or teaching the area to an experianced elder so it makes me wonder why I was chosen to train. I look forward to it and to learning and I know the Lord wants me to train now, so early in my mission so that's what I'll do, he has a way prepared for me to do it. Plus I love challenges, I'm always up for a new challenge, so here we go!
Have a great week and keep smiling!


Elder Evans (Paul)

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