Monday, November 4, 2013

Nov 4 2013

Hey Everyone!
This week was not as successful as the last few but we're working hard. We only have two weeks left with this transfer so Elder Roman or I will be leaving most likely, more likely I will stay to teach someone the area. I have been reading the Book of Mormon like there is notomorrow (during my study times or before going to bed) because I want to get this language down quick and learn new things to share with my investigators and less active members. 
This week we walked into Hermano C______ outside his house again in his chair, and as always, he was reading el Libro de Mormon. It's awesome, he has learned a ton. And he wanted to tell us his life story, which is very sad. His parents both have passed away and his mom was blind the last 15 years of her life, one or two of his siblings have passed away as well and hes only 51 or so years old. He was a drunk before he joined the church but now he stopped drinking and reads el libro de Mormon cada dia. He bore his testimony to us and broke into tears and thanked use for all we have done for him and he thanked God as well. He told us he wants to take their names to the temple and be baptised for them and have all their work done. We are going to try to help with that. It showed me how reall and true the Book of Mormon is. It changes lives. It turns them around and puts them on the path to Eternal Life. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be out here sharing this message and this book with the Peruanos. 
Also, the branch is going through some major changes. the Missionaries will be starting to teach all the sunday school lessons on sundays, and seminary classes for the 5 youth (2 of which are investigators but we can't get them to church so we don't know if they will show up), and the Branch president doesn't have counselors because there are only 2 elders, the branch president and the elders quorom president so he wants us misssionries to be his counselors so we'll see how these next few weeks go. They will be crazy with teaching seminary and sunday school and if we do end up being called to be his counselors. Seminary, however, will only be two classes per week, 2 hours each class.
That''s abaout all from the southern side of the world. I'll be back in a week!


Elder Evans, Paul

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