Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nov 24 2013

So this week had lots of ups and downs. I picked up my new companion in Piura, his name is Elder Vasquez from Chile. He just came from the CCM in Lima. We got to go to chiclayo with the whole mission to see Elder Nelson speak so that was awesome!! All the missionaries from the mission Piura and Chiclayo were there and we all got to shake his hand. He talked a lot about how we can hasten the work of Salvation and talked about how our families will be alright and that we need to lose ourselves in the work. I saw a ton of friends from the CCM there and one of the friends I met there was at the conference as well and in his 8th day in the field he lost his finger playinng baksetball. He had a ring on and when we dunked the ball his ring got caught and ripped his finger off.
But anyway, after that we went back to Morropon and my companion got very homesick, and the net day he got physically sick for two and a half days so we literally did almost nothing this week. No priesthood holders could stay with him and go on splits with me to visit people, we only have like 4 or  priesthood holders in the branch in the first place. So I am super bummed with this week with our work in Morropon. He's better now so this week should me better! We did have a big activity with the ward and investigators and it was all about the family. The whole district came to help with referencias. The activity was super fun and we got some referncias now too so I am excited about that!

Have a great Thanksgiving! I'll try to remember and celebrate in the room a little haha.

Love, Elder Evans

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