Monday, December 30, 2013

Dec 30 2013

This last week could not have been more like a roller coaster, unless I was actually on one of course. It started perfectly with a branch activity for christmas on monday, followed by skype on tuesday, my companion couldnt for some reason so we changed plans so he could on christmas day. Then on the 25th, Elder Mulford and my companion Elder Vasquez went to skype their families while Elder Melo and I ran to get another computer for him to use. We had to go to the market and I stood outside the store waiting for him while he talked to a member. Apparently I stood completely still without knowing it and I was right next to some manequins so people walked past and as I made eye contact they screamed or laughed and said 'yo pensé que era un manequin' ('I thought he was a manequin') so I made a game of it and even in my missionary clothes people came up to me to touch my arm to see if I was real or not. Also, Elder Melo would push me a bit and I would rock back and forth. And we would go to a new store and I would make my manequin pose and he would ask the worker there how much my tie costs, and the worker would look at the tie, and then at my face and start laughing cause she thought I was a manequin in her store.
The bad news this  week is that we had a baptism planned for this coming satuday, the first saturday of the new year. HAD. The mom of the 14 year old investigator told us that he is not ready and doensn't know what he is doing. She said we can visit still but she won't let him get baptized for a few years. We tried convincing her becaue he has all the lessons and is ready, he's old enough to understand the covenant of baptism but she is set on her decision. Also, a teenage girl wants to get baptized and we have been teaching her with her parents but she leaves tomorrow to Lima to study for a few months so we're working on getting an address to send a reference. Also, the other 14 year old boy Jose Maria is moving to Piura so he is going too. We're also going to try sending a refernce to get missionaries over to his new house. We pretty much have to start anew here. But luckily, this very morning we got a reference to a lady who had been working in Lima for a while but lives in Morropon and the missionaries have taught her and say she's ready to be baptized so we are going to try visiting her tonight to get to know her and invite her to the branch activity tonight.
We have no idea what we will do for the new year's but I hope you all have a wonderful time!!

Elder Evans


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