Monday, February 17, 2014

Feb 17 2014

This week has gone quite well. My companion Elder Villena are already greatfriends.If you remember my pictures from the christmas program he is the missionaryin the middle of the two santa clauses, I am on the right, Elder Lux is on the left and Elder Villena is in the middle. He was in my zone a while back.
My first weekbeing lider de distrito has been pretty cool. I led the district meeting even though the zone leaders are there since theyre in my district. They said it went really well and I did things that they never thought of that they really liked. I just did the same things Elder Chen did when he was mydistrict leader. tomorrow I have my first traing meetting as district leader.We have to travl to Piura again but I heard its a blastso I m excited.
Yesterday we went to church and it was weird cause its a ward, with about 61 or 70 active members. It felt huge cause I have been in my tiny branch in morropon for 6months.
The mission leader works with usa ton. He comes out with us to go to appoiments every 2 days or so. He is way cool and always wants to work with us.  We also hae a few priests who come outwith  us and they put on a "futuro misionero" nametag. The weather is actully nicer here it seems because theres a lot more wind. But people still tell me tumbes is the hottest part. I havent seen it very hot yet. We'll see. 
[Paul then sent another email answering some questions that I had for him]
I lead the district meetings, all the companionships, including the zone leaders, report their numbers to me every sunday, and then I write the totals and report to the zone leaders (they are in my district, that's why they report to me first). I also call the missionaries in my district every night or two to see how their day went and if they need anything and to help *animate them to work. 
The ward has about 60 or 70 active members, its a huge change from Morropn. 
We sang songs about mission work because every 3rd sunday the missionaries speak on la obra misional. It wqas good but the lady who diriects the music doesnt give an intro or anything, she just starts singing and the people start on the 2nd or 3rd beat. It's really awkward for me ha. And they dont use the piano but maybe ill play a bit, we'll see. 

Valentines sounds like a ton of fun!! Oh and I also have eaten cow stomach, cow tongue, and a few other things that I don't know. Oh, and horse hooves I think too. That was interesting.
This is all for now, have a great week!!!!

Elder Evans
*[mom's note: "animate!" hahahaha!  Jim says "animarle" in Espanol is like "cheer up or excite." I'm thinking Paul meant "motivate." Or possibly "fire up" or something. Anyway, we are still laughing at "animate."]

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