Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Feb 24 2014

This week was crazy! On tuesday morning we gave service in which we helped build a house, but we`re still not done yet. It is pretty fun.The house is just made with bamboo like wood and clay of some sort. My companion has all the fotos but I cant find my flashdrive so hopefully when I find it I can pass the fotos and send them. Then I led the district meeting without a plan but they all said it was great still haha. Then later I left with the other district leaders from Tumbes and Zarumilla for Piura, a whole 5 hour bus ride, for our training meeting. We arrived at Piura at night and slepped in the mission office, and then had the meeting in the morning until 3pm. Then leftt for Tumbes. Then one missionary in Zarumilla (right on the border with Ecuador, had an appendicitis so he and one of the zone leaders went to piura and the other zone leader stayed with Elder Villena and me. We had a blast and got a lot of work down.
We met a family of inactives last saturday. A memeber of the stake high counsil invtied us to visit them with him. They are wonderful. They stopped going to  church when they moved to Puyango but we visited them on a saturday and the next day the dad and 3 of his kids went to churc hthe next day. One of his daughters is 9 years old and hasn't been baptized yet, but now she reeeeeeally wants to get baptized. The man's wife goes to a diffferent church but is a member of our church. We have our goal that all 3 or  that still live in their house (many of the children have already moved out; there are 10 children in total but only 4 still live in the house) can be rescatadas, or 'rescued' and we hope that the dad can baptize his daughter in a few weeks. 
I have never been this excited on my mission yet. The family always is super excited wehen we come over. The wife never is home but the rest go to youth activities already, and they have only known us and the members for a week and 2 days. And the 9 year old girl reminds me of Annie and Mimi because she is super energitic and hugs us missionaries and all. I thought of Annie and Mimi a lot when I first met this girl. I'm sure we'll take pictures with this family soon and I'll send them so you can see.
Well I am tired from writing so much but the experience with this family makes me really glad I'm on a mission and I couldn't be in a better place for these 2 years. With my last 17 months I will work my hardest because I want to find families like this one. They are ready to come back to church and the daughter is ready to be baptised, she just needs a few more lessons and the interview.
In church we sang a lor of good songs but it's hard to think of the english names haha. One was Now let us rejoice (ya recocijemos or something like that). The roads are mostly paved but there are a lot of dirt roads as well. There are a lot of little ponds in the roads after it rains. And normalmente we dont have to walk too far. The family that I talked about in my other email lives about 7 minutes away walking. Or a litle more. 
Ha supongo que le toca a él. (Ha I guess it's matt's turn) for braces. 
I'll try sending some pictures now from the house building project
Hope everyone is having as good of a time as I am!! You all are in my prayers. Love ya!!

Elder Evans


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