Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March 17 2014

This week flew way fast. We have two baptims planned ofr theis week! One is a young guy of 14 years and he has goine to church for 2 years but never got permission from parents to get baptised. Theyfinlly gave him permision this past week so his baptism is already scheduled and one of his best friends will baptize him! We are wayexcited for him. Also, a 9 year old girl will be getting baptized on saturday as well if we can fisnish the lessons this week. She is the girl who reminds me of annie and mimi. She is still just as excited for her baptism as she was a month ago. Her family are less actives but have returned to the church and are progressing. 
Today we went to Zarumilla (super close to th ecuador border) and played futbol with the 4 missionaries there and we brought a less active teenager to play too. This less active guy named Luis hangs out with us on Pdays and also is returning to the church and expressed interest in serving a mission! 
I guess Jimmy had it coming*, he had'nt played in two years so he had to win. It's like the last time we played killer bunnies before I left, I won as well. It's good to know I can do whatever I want in the games and know I'll win because i havent played for 2 years. I have destiny on my side.
This week we sang llamados a servir and a few others I dont remember. 
In the district meeting we just sing, pray, something from the manual misional, spiritual thought, repetimos el proposito misional, then we give accounts of our investigators and what they need to progress, and then a small class, a video from preach my gospel, the we do some small practices and roll plays, then someone shares experiences from the mission and we finish with a song and parayer.
This next monday we have transffers .Itll be really interesting. Anything could happen.
I' m hoping everything and everyone is all well, or at least getting better! Know that I miss and love you all! Oh and today I made my 8 month mark. Time is flying! Next week we have transfers already and we're receiving 2 more missionaries in my ward so we'll have to show them their area, it'll be interesting but fun! We don't know if their sisters or elders yet. Oh and Hayley, have a happy birthday this week!!! :)
Estoy muy bien hoy. Pude jugar un poco de futbol esta maƱana con otros elderes y miembros. But at times my knee still hurts while proselyting and all. Ive been taking a lot of ibuprofen but I dont notice a big difference. 
I bet all of minnesota hates the snow right now but I would love a 1/2 foot of snow haha. Today is super humid, theres no sun but the humidity is intense and we've been super hot all day. 
Sounds like Jimmy hasnt goten a whole lot of rest with all those talks ha. But I'm sure he loves them so it's all good. Here in the mission the missionaries and leader misional give talks every 3rd week of eace month with the topic being obra misional, or missionary work. One joven told me he really like my talk, I read a little much from apostles but he said my talk really helped him and got him more excited for his mission (he plans to leave for the mission in august). I tallked about the lost sheep and how we all need to look for the one lost sheep and help bring them back. 


Elder Evans

*Mom's note: I mentioned in my letter to Paul that we played Setters of Catan with Jimmy for the first time in over two years and Jimmy won. Also, this email from Paul was cobbled together from three different emails from Paul. One to the general populace, one to me, and one to Jim. 

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