Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 23 2014

Well this week was a little on the crazy side, and thats an understatement. We surprisingly received two new missionaries to open another area in my ward here, Elder Stanley, who served for 8 months as secretario financero and Elder LLanos, he's only here for a week and already left to his new area. We taught Elder Stanley his new area and went on splits so I could go to our appointments with Elder Llanos. Elder Stanley is excited to be out of the office and train a new missionary.
On saturday we had two baptims! With help from the miembros and the Lord, we were able to complete a family and baptise the last child of the family. And for the first time in many many years the WHOLE family came to church to see her get confirmed a member and receive the Holy Ghost. It was awesome! I was given the blessing of baptizing her. I was really happy to. (She is the girl who reminds me of Annie and Mimi). 
Also Elder Villena baptized a teenage guy named Denizon, Denizon has waited 2 years for permission from his parents to get baptized. He always has gone to church and seminarios and even mission prep classes. After thse two years he got permission and he got baptized and confirmed this weekend. It was a great way to end the transfer.
This new transfer starts today, and nothing changed, except Elder Stanley and his new companion are new additions to the district here in Los Angeles. I've been a little stressed about being district leader and all with all the responsiblities and duties but I have read a lot of scrptures about the Lord callng the weak to do his work. I especially like what the apostle Pablo said but I dont remember where it was. He says that he glories in his weaknesses because the Lord works more with the weak and makes them strong.
I hope Hayley had a great birthday! It's weird to think she is 17 ya. 
Wow sounds like a good week! I wanna se frozen, Ive heard its good! And it's cool Kathy is going to church, I remmeber seeing here there antes de la mision. 
I dont remember the songs we sing. This sunday was very stressfu, no one had keys to the builidng, and some other funnny things. No I never knew there was an earthquake. And I went to a store called Romero but barely baught anything cause I dont have much money at all. The penisionista is named hermana Dora. and yes the building has a font.
Anyway, I hope everyone has a great week as always! Love ya all!

Elder Evans


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