Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March 10 2014

This week went pretty well. everyone is progressing pretty well so I don't have a lot of new things to say now. but on sunday the stake presidency of Tumbes was reorganized. We had two members of the seventy here, elder Waddell 8american) and EldeR Godoy ( from peru). Their talks were sooo good. elder waddell gives talks about as good as the apostles. he is super tall too. ive met him a few times in the ccm already but it was really cool to see him again on sunday. And Elder godoy told me that he was taught by an Elder Evans around 1985 in peru. He said that this Elder evans now owns some restaurant in the states but i don't remember the name. and eht eElder evans was from california, like dad, so I don't know if there could be family relation or not ha.
After stake conference we had a training meeting with the members of the seventy and the mission president in the evening with all the members of the ward councils of the stake of tumbes so there were quite a few people there adn the training meeting was super cool. I took a bunch of notes because everything they said was way good. All these meetings made me realy excited for general conference next month. I can't wait!
also in the stake conference the mission president President rowley shared some of the miracles that are occuring in Tumbes with the help of the members. He shared our experience of finding the pacherres family. A member of the ward brought us the house of les actives and introduced us and because of this member doing that now this family is going to church, the teenagers are going to seminary and the littlest child is getting ready to be baptised. he and the elders from the quorom of the 70 really encourage the members to work with ussa  lot more and promised that much more miracles will occur if they work with us missionaries. the pacherres family was there int the congregation and they met president Rowley and Elder Waddell adn Elder Godoy. it was a really cool experience. 
Today in the morning we prepared cookies called alfajores. Theyre super good. It was a district activity with the zone leaders and the sisters in the district. that is what I was doing in the picture with the other elder and the rolling pin. he is one of my zone leaders.
Hope everyone is doing well at home and getting ready to hear from the prophet and general authorities in a month! Love ya all!

elder Evans

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