Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 3 2014

This week has passed quite well in a few aspects and not so well in others. First the bad, or funny stories: Number 1, we forgot the keys to our room in our room. We have two back up keys as well, and usually the zone leaders have those in case we lose ours. But we forgot to give those back to them so that was also in the room. There is a balcony in our apartment building with one of our windows up high but its only a screen netting so i got up on a chair and popped it out and it fell on my bed beneath. Then I used a long flexible tube to push the door lever open and we got in without damaging anything. The screen netting we just had to put back and that was easy. It's nice to know our room is vulnerable to attack haha.
This week the family Pacherras went to church again. The less active family with a nonmember 9 year old daughter. This week we set her baptismal date for the 15th and is super excited. Also, another lady 78 years old accepted the same baptismal date as well. She has a ton of energy as well. She still goes swimming!! And she sings really well. She sang for us this week ha. Her pastora evangelista visited her and said that its a sin to get baptized twice but we helped her with her doubts and really wants to get baptized and recieve the Holy Ghost. Another guy, named Luis, is 17 years old and has been inactive for quite a while but we found him and he has now gone to church twice in my 3 weeks here and is interested in serving a mission. He said he will go to the mission prep classes here and help us clean the chapel. He came with all the missionaries from Tumbes and Puyango zones and his older brother to the beach "La Cruz". His older brother might start coming back to church but I 'm not sure yet. He's super friendly and wants to come with us to our appointments on Wednesday. He is a big muscular guy and we talk a lot about training and weight lifting. I obviously am not as strong but I know a lot of exercises from track and cross country and stuff. This area gets better every week it seems!
The house [we worked on last week] is not complete yet. I left my 16gig flashdrive in there but it later got robbed at night so I dont know if its still there. I sent most of those fotos home or printed them so I have the majority of them at least. It is cool at night. The last few days have been pretty hot but there is usually a nice breeze, something we didnt have in Morronpn. We dont have street names here. Its a lot different. The name a quadrant of the city and then they say Manzana R Lt. 12, R is the block and 12 is the number of the house. I don't know the address to the apartment. But it's really close to a stadium that is being built in Puyango.
I hope everyone is doing great or that they are getting better. And that you will have a great week! Keep on Keeping on!

Elder Evans

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