Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14 2014

This week was alright. I had to go to lima this week and so I couldnt work in my area until thursday. This week went pretty slowly according to the success we had. I honestly dont have much to write this week because nothing great happened, nor terrible. I did have a good time in Piura and then in Lima with Elder Tunney and Elder Prince from the CCM and a bunch of other american missionaries. We all spoke english for that day. But really we just switched between english and spanish. It was funny hearing some southern texas accents and a few laughed when I said 'pop' instead of 'soda' haha. In my trip we couldnt go to the temple but i did finish my visa stuff. They gave me my visa card thing. I look super mad in the picture, maybe its because we waited hours for it just talking haha. Hopefully I dont have to go back to lima for another year. Its nice to get a taste of chill weather but I like Piura, the hot humid desert.
I'm not looking forward to transfers in two weeks because I love this ward and my companion Elder Campo is the coolest companion in the world. This morning we went out and worked out at some pull up bars and then the other 4 elderes and a less active (who we have brought back to the church) and a nonmember joined us to play 4 on 4 soccer. It was sweet. I went really easy for my knee's sake but still put in the first two goals of the game.
Another reason why the work was hard this week was because of the final in the world cup and Puyango had governor ellections this weekend. I'm excited to get back to a full week of work this week. One investigator wants to move her baptism date from the 2nd of august to the 26th of july so we'll try helping her prepare faster to be able to get baptized. 
I hope you like my pictures this week. We found a live crab on the beach and played with it a bit and then let it go. Cool guy. This week will be pretty awesome!

Love you all! Have a great week!!

Some elders and a crab


Zorritos means little foxes

Elder Evans labeled this picture "Little Buddy"

Paul and the blue footed booby. Those really are some blue feet.

Elder Evans

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