Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sept 15 2014

Hey everyone! This week went pretty slow but it was alright; we got to the apartment every night tired from a good day's work. The mission is focusing a ton in contacting every family we see in the street, but my area is so small this week we only saw 5 or 6. They said we could visit them but they were never home when we got to their houses. Other times they kept doing what they were doing without even looking up at us. But I feel good that we at least did our part and I'm sure this week or another week we'll find a family that accepts our message. This week I was pretty worried that one of our less actives named Eric wouldn't show up to church but when we arrived he was already sitting down waiting. Now he has gone to church 4 or 5 times and has started wearing church clothes. And he didn't leave early either, he stayed the whole 3 hours. He's a great guy, and he wants to go on a mission so we are talking to him a lot about the mission. And he has a friend that is interested in learning more about the church and the Book of Mormon so hopefully we can meet his friend and he can help us teach his friend.
The sister of Joanne, a recent convert with 7 weeks in the church, and her son are investigating the church and receiving the lessons. She is catholic by tradition and has some doubts but she went to the stake conference last week and her son goes to church every week so hopefully things go well!!
Anyway, that's about all I have this week, we didn't do anything special today but I bought more food than normal. Some missionaries and some members from morropon said I'm skinnier than I was then. I didn't know that was possible.
[Mother's note: I asked him if people call him any nicknames] Yes people call me gringo. Some nonmember kids that talk to us in the street found my real name in my scriptures and one of them sometimes calls me by that name. But he stopped saying it a few weeks ago. Only once a week ago he reminded me that he knows it hah. And also a lot of the missionaries in the mission and members know me for making faces. The members closest to the missionaries love it when I make the faces and move my ears without my hands stuff like that. They think its hilarious and have never seen anyone do it before.
Hope school, work, and church is all going well!

Love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Evans

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  1. hahahaha! I love that he can entertain the masses with his ears!! He seems to take his work seriously and is working hard!!