Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sept 1 2014

Hey everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your labor day! This week went pretty fast for me but we had no success in finding new investigators. Plus all of our investiagors that we already have were all busy whenever we went to our apointments with them so it was hard. We are going to try harder this week to find new investigators. We visited a bunch of less actives and we ´rescued´one of them. They are considered rescued when we teach the 5 missionary lessons, and they return going to church every sunday adn have an interview with the bishop. We have a ton of inactives here and we're working hard with them so they can go back to church and receive the blessings of the sacrament and all that. This week Erick went to church again and bought church clothes so it was super cool to see him there even though he only went for 20 minutes. He is a 20 year old that stopped going to church a year or more ago. He is progressing little by little, but surely. The first time he went he didn't have church clothes but was there for the whole sacrament meeting and then left. This time he made it for the end of the meeting and then left halfway into the class that followed. He is a great guy and he is excited about getting back into the church.
Today we went to the market in Piura and it's crazy! But at least now I'm getting to know the city a little more. We saw one guy bagging octupus, people cutting open chickens and fish. I only missed someone killing a guinea pig (here it's a meal called Cui and apparently its really good). One family in the ward said they would give it to us one day, I am willing to try it, but to kill it you have to break it's neck. The family said I could kill it but I said no thanks haha. I'm excited to try it though. 
Anyway, it's the last week of the transfer, I have no idea what the transfers have in store for. I think I'll stay another 2 transfers here, maybe I'll even train a new missionary again. 

Have a great week!!! Love ya all!!

Elder Evans


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  1. Eating guinea pig. Hmmmm. Bacon?

    Good to hear of one person's progress. It matters to that kid and that is all we hope for.