Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sept 8 2014

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a good week.This week we knocked on doors and didnt find much success. A few families said that they were busy but we could come back in a few days and in the mornings. In Morropon people accepted us in their houuses almost right away but here it seems a little harder, but that's fine, we'll just work harder and keep looking for new families to teach. We'll pass by 2 of the families that we contacted in their houses because they were friendly and said if we come by another day in the morrning they would have more time, the rest didn't seem interested.
We also gave servce this week painting a house of a member family. They ended up giving us lunch too. And another day they fried some good ol guinea pig. Here it's called CUI. We had to watch the people who sell them kill them. They stretch them out and break the neck. It made me super sad to watch it but it was very tasty! We also saw how they kill turkeys and that's a liittle more gruesome so I wont share the details. I have a video of them killing the guinea pig if you want me to send it. It's just 4 seconds ;)
And big news for the transfers this weekend! I'm staying in San Pedro haha. I love it. Even though it is progressnig very slowly. It's the best, adn my new companion is Elder Melo, he is also from ecuador (like my last 3 companions) and he was in Chulucanas when I was in Morropon. We spent 2 transfers in the same district there adn now we're companions. I'm excited for this transfer but at the same time I'll miss Elder Encarnacion, he was pretty cool.
Hope everyone has a great week coming ahead.

Love ya!  

Elder Evans
eating cui

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  1. Those are some good pictures. I'm glad he liked his little piggie!! He is sure having some…different…experiences!!