Monday, September 29, 2014

Sept 22 2014

Hey everyone! Hop you all had a great week! I'm doing alright over here. This week we found a ton of new people to teach. Mainly inactives and a few investigators. It's been a good week. The neighboring ward Miguel Grau passed us a new area so the members that live in that area now belong to my ward. We received 2 investigators from that ward and the zone leaders (they were teaching them). I feel bad because now the investigators have to get used to new missionaries ( not that we're bad or anything haha). Anyway, we placed baptismal date with Joanne's sister. Joanne  got baptized right before I got here and now her 32 year old sister Angelica and her 12 year old son Dick want to get baptized. Dick goes to church every week but angelica only went once for the whole time and yesterday she showed up late and left early so hopefully she can go to church at least 2 more times before the 18th.    
Today we played vollleyball and soccer with the zone and that was fun. My team won once in volley and lost once. Then we played soccer. It was a good time. The zone algarrobos (the zone I'm in) has special musical number in the multi zone conference on the 2nd so that's cool. We're going to sing Youth in Latter Days or something like that? The Latins have to study english every day so that's why we'll sing in english. I'll help teach the song to my district in the district meeting this week. it'll be the best!!!!!
This week we had ward conference and 154 people (without the stake leaders) showed up!! The previous record in my time here was like 132 or something. 
Anyway, that's about it. I'm having a good time. So you guys should too!

Love you guys!

Elder Evans

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