Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dec 1 2014

Hey everyone! Happy first day of December. This week was pretty cool. We had our ward activity on saturday and all organizations of the church participated (young men and women, relief society,etc.) and they all had their own rooms in the chapel to teach the first principles of the gospel, the plan of salvation, the restoration, and the Atonement. It was pretty cool, we a had a few investigators and many less actives that went. The goal was that everyone would bring at least one friend or family member that isn't a member of the church. Our investigators attended and a few non member friends of members of the ward so it went pretty well. Also, Elder Melo had his 26th birthday this week so we celebrated that in the ward mission leader's house with a few members and the other missionaries Elder Castro and Elder Humble.
Today was transfers. This times it was way different, last night the zone leaders only said that a few people had transfers(including me) and we had to go to the transfers meeting and receive our new companions and go to our new areas. But my new companion didn't even know that he had transfers because they made this change this morning so he and I will be two new missionaries in the Jorge Chavez ward in the Castilla stake in Piura. The two elders that were there left (but I'm with one because he will teach us the area) and I will receive my new companion Elder Mauricio later today in about an hour. Remember Elder Campo??? I trained him in Los Angeles, Tumbes in May, June, and July. He will be staying with me and my companion and another missionary in my apartment for 2 days as he waits to recieve his new companion whom he will train. He is serving 2 hours away in Talara so the assistants want him to stay here with us until wednesday when re receives his new companion. I'm way excited to be reunited with him for a day or two. I'll be a grandpa in the mission finally. I'm still district leader. It'll be my 7th transfer as such. I've been reading in Jesus the Christ and in Ether (of the Book of Mormon) this week. I love those books.
Hey Mom, wow I pretty much forget that stuffing existed. This week I missed the squash buns . I was talking to Elder Humble fromUtah about them. He and his family grow squash and he loves it haha. That's cool that there were a bunch of new faces at the thanksgiving dinner. Next year Ill go for sure.

Love you guys. Have a great week!

Elder Evans
Handing out refreshments

Elder Paul and Br Victor, who cooked for him

Elder Melo's birthday

RS presidency and EQ presidency

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