Thursday, August 15, 2013

Aug 15 2013

Oh yeah I know her husband He also went to the singles branch so I have talked to him before. Tell Matt that´s super awesome, he jumped off 30ft cliffs, I´ve only ever jumped a 15-20ft bridge and a dam so he has me beat in that!I had no idea Taggart was engaged or anything, and that´ss great Riley is back! And it is pretty weird thinking hayley can already be a laurel president! She will do really well! It´s good she´s working a lot, hopefully she has a lot saved in a few years. If you see Sister Hadley again tell her I said thanks! I won´t be in the CCM for very long, I have one more full week and then I leave for Piura next Tuesday, so like 12 days or so.
    And Jeff P came today, I talked to him and got a picture, I'll send it in another email. He told me you guys had figured the card situation out, and thanks for doing that. I already shopped today so I just paid with my card instead of withdrawing money, I spent about 60-70$ today only because I bought a set of spanish scriptures for myself, not just those paperback ones that we hand out, and some cases for both, the book of mormon case has "peru piura mission" on it so it's really cool! Also, I finished the whole Book of Mormon in 17 days here, and read the Pearl of Great Price two days ago and now I'm on the Doctrine and Covenants. I already feel way more familiar with the scriptures and all the stories in the Book of Mormon. I went to the temple again this morning cause it opened.
    Last week my companion and I proseltyzed without a latino with us and it actually went really well! we handed out 6 Book of Mormons and talked about the restoration with everyone and I understood almost everything and was able to respond except for one old guy who had fake teeth that kept sliding out of place so there was no chance. Luckily his son came down and he knows a member and we talked to him a bunch and gave him a boook of Mormon.
   Last thursday on the night of Pday my teacher got us some Papa Johns! We paid him back but he got it in and my companion and i just stood watch in the hall to make sure no one saw haha. It was amazing to have some papa johns again, we then ripped the boxes and stuffed it in a bag and in the garbage. It was a lot of fun and the teacher loves us, which is why he did it. Pictures will be up sent too. I can't use dropbox in the CCM though.
   That´s about all I have here, love and miss you guys!!
       Elder Evans, Paul

Contraband, tasty tasty contraband.

EP and his friend from MN, Jeff, now also an Elder in Peru

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  1. I sent Elder Paul a letter the other week. I hope it gets to him.