Friday, August 9, 2013

Aug 8 2013

No I never went to boundary waters but I wish I did! He should love it though! And when do you get back? Because I´ve had a problem, the ATMs wont let me pull money out like eveyone else. My two only pin numbers that I would ever use are incorrect. Im not even sure if I set up a pin number for my travel card cause the pin numbers wont work. In one of the two big containers of my stuff I have my normal debit card (the light blue one, NOT the dark gray one). Jeff P leaves for the Peru MTC on Tuesday I believe so if you could try to contanct them and give jeff my normal debit card and have him give it to me when he gets here, that would help a ton because otherwise I can´t pull cash to use for buses and stuff.
Other than that problem, everything else is awesome, Ive been running a lot, working out, playing soccer during exercise hours. My spanish is really coming along. I don´t use translators at the devotionals anymore and I email Leroy Z in spanish only. We're proselyting again on saturday and the three-weekers might not get paired with latino companions, we're not sure because there arent't as many latinos as there were two weeks ago but Im a lot better than I was last time and I talk to people in the city a lot too, we have met a few members who love talking to us on pday haha.      

We also have been doing a Book of Mormon challenge, to read it through during our time here and I started about 10 days late because I didn't wanna do it but I am now in alma 50 or 51 so I am still way ahead of schedule and it´s been a week or so since I started it over. My district is awesome and I love being district leader, it helps with leadership skills I may need in the field. People have been getting sick here but not too bad. I have only had a cold or two. We have learned a lot more about the gospel and the Atonement and i´'s really great! I'll send some more pictures in the next few emails in just a sec. If at all possible, try to give my other debit card to Jeff P before he leaves so I can use it here! If that´s risky you can send it and have me email when I get it, but thats really risky too.   
Love, Paul

It's still weird for me, Mom, to think he's on the OTHER side of the world. The southern hemisphere.

hills behind the CCM

CCM grounds

the new missionary dress standards

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