Thursday, August 1, 2013

August 1 2013 pictures

EP and his companion at the Lima temple

the latino with the hurt leg that Im next to is the one who would yell "ayuda ayuda!" to Elder Miles who looks like superman. Elder miles would then take off his glasses, spin and put his fist up and pretend to fly to the rescue.

And a bunch of elders in my hall. The tall big guy in the picture inside our dorm, we used to call him superman and one of the latinos would yell "ayuda! ayuda!" which means help help! It was super funny

My district outside a building at the CCM

The other elder in the picture is Elder P----. He is fluent in spanish but they didn´t ask him if he wanted to test out of the CCm until he got to the CCM so he started with us but is now switching to the latino districts and will only be here two more weeks. He just got switched to my dorm though so I will still chill with him before he leaves. He is from Lindon utah and knew my Freshmen mentor from BYU

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  1. It gives me great comfort to see that "thumbs up" is also the thing in Peru!! And I love Paul's red plaid (tartan) tie!! And look - he's in Peru!!!