Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 22 2013

 I leave really early on Tuesday morning I believe but we dont know for sure yet. Most missionaries leave at 2, 3, or 4 in the morning. And the time here is the same as in MN right now because peru doesnt observe daylight savings, Its 3:30pm while writing this email here so you can see if it is actually the same. I dont know if we will be able to call home but i will try to if we get the opportunity at the airport. None of our district were able to buy phone cards at the stores because we couldnt find any.
I am so ready to go to piura but i wil miss the ccm because I run with another runner from california in gym hour and also we play ultimate frisbee and soccer. My district is the best district at ultimate frisbee, we destroyed everyone all the time. Only lost 3 or 4 games out of about 20 at least. This morning we went to the temple one last time for two years and we had a district prayer in the Celestial room and it was great. The Spirit was so strong and real. All of us are going to Piura except two are going to Santa Cruz Bolivia and one is going to Iquitos Peru. Itll be hard splitting up with them at the airport and when we Piuran missionaries leave the mission home.
This weekend is going to be a huge grand finale. Our district is having a sort of Christmas Party, weve heard they celebrate christmas here this week or something. and then Elder cook visits on sunday. We learned a ton about the Gospel this 6 weeks, a few misisonaries here, in and out of my district, have been very homesick and we have given blessings and helped one elder decide to stay on his mission and just get transferred to a states mission, originally he was already set to go home and had called his parents.
Love you all, have fun and work hard in school and work or whatever!
Elder Evans (Paul)

Excerpts from email to Jim:
Yeah Lima has its chilly days in the winter but ist starting to warm up because its getting closer to spring and summer here. The spanish is good! Elder Patterson and another elder and I helped translate for a devotional but the other elder who is from utah and spoke spanish to his parents actually translated the whole time, the time flew by so he just kept going, Elder Patterson and I just got the scriptures ready for him to read in english.
Thats awesome that matt skipped the freshman bands, tell him congratulations! Tell them good luck at school and get good grades, work hard and have fun!
Today was the last day I will get to go to a temple for two years most likely and we went as a district finally, so we got permision to say a district prayer in the Celestial Room. It´s really weird to think that in less than a week we will all be with new companions in Piura, Iquitos, or Santa Cruz Bolivia. It´s starting to feel like the same feeling I had a few days before leaving home. We´re about to leave the place we´re comfortable and going to a new place with new people but at least most of us are going together. Im really excited. 
Can you find Elder Evans 2.0? This is his group at the CCM

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