Monday, October 21, 2013

Oct 21 2013

Hey! Yeah I got to baptize C_______ on Saturday. It was sooo cool! And he has been so excited for it for weeks and now he is doing great. He reads the scriptures and the Liahona everyday and every time we teach him he surprises us how much he knows and how much he has already progressed. The baptism was in the basin of a waterfall because the river was dirty from construction farther up so we went to the waterfal at the Piedra Del Perro (one of the pictures has my current district on the Piedra del Perro, maybe you can see the face).
I enjoy the dear elder updates about the other missionaries, I do get emails but I very rarely have time to read them thouroughly so it is cool to read them sometimes. But you don't need to send them anymore, I am getting better and reading their emails, and we are all emailing each other anyway, thanks though!
Today we went to the waterfalls again with our new and updated district. Elder Martinez was only a temporary missionary here waiting for his visa to go to the Dominican Republic so he left there now and Elder Zerillo got transferred to Tumbes, the farthest north area in the mission. We got Elder Chen who served 6 months in Guatamala waiting for his visa to come here and Elder Melo who is from Guayaquil Ecuador, he is brand new so I'm no longer the newest missionary in the district ha. But he does have the language advantage. 
This coming week we have Multi Zone conference, my zone is meeting with zone Sullana. I'm pumped for that. I love it when we get to travel to Piura.  Hope you like the pictures and have a good week everyone!
Also, I got all the packages and letters, Elder Mulford and Chen went to lima for visa stuff and were kind enough to pick all of them up on the way back from Piura. But I havent had time to open them yet. I only saw them in the room of my district leader and the n we left to eat lunch and internet. Thanks a ton for everything! 
At home I never liked cucombers or tomatoes but here thats almost the only vegeattable we get served so i eat it every chance i get. Now i realize I love them both haha. And while waiting for people to show up to the capilla for a meeting I played piano more and  little laizard was on the side just chilling there, it was pretty cool, he or she just chilled on the piano while I played piano and sang haha. And there was a huge lizard on the road once and a cat tried to get it but the lizard no joke ran sooooo fast it looed like it was hovering in the air. 
Show this email to dad cause I might not have time to write all this to him but I ll try. I usually tell you two different things so I dont have to write it all twice anyway. So look at his in case I remember something new to say. 
Hope everyone is well!
Love, Elder Evans 

So for the pictures:
I sent one of me, elder Roman, and C_____ before and after the baptism at the waterfall(the waterfall is not the one we visitted last month, we went to that waterfall and a much larger one today) So there are in total 2 waterfalls that we visited.
1 of my district on the Piedra del Perro from this morning
1 of me on top of the waterfall that we visited a month ago with the district before the changes.
1 of my district at the big waterfall, which I would love if you changed that to my cover photo on faceboook, thatnks!


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