Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Oct 28 2013

Hey everybody!!
And another great week comes to an end but here comes another one! Nothing really special happened, we had a cool multi zone conference and President Rowley taught a lot about the missionaries in the Book of Mormon, like Abinadi, Amulek, Alma, the sons of Mosiah, and Moroni. It was reall motivating. I can feel the Lord helping me a ton, especially with spanish, this week I got a ton better out of nowhere it seems. I remember hearing somewhere, that if you read the book of Mormon in another language, you will be fluent by the time you finish (i was reminded of this saying in one of tommy's emails)  and so I have been stepping up my reading in the Book of Mormon, reading about  5-7 pages per day my spanish is rapidly improving, especially when I read it out loud or in a whisper even. I have laearned that trials are really just temporary, short periods of time. Think about moral life and how small it is compared to the Eternal Life that we will have afterward. Mortal life on earth really is practically nothing. Then think of the trial you just got over or are currently going through. This time period is very small usually, barely a sliver of time compared to an average mortal life. So when all is said and done, your trial is actually nothing at all. It's just a tiny sliver of another very, very, very small sliver. This thought has helped because relally even if it takes me 5 or 6 months to learn spanish really well, that time is absolutely nothing compared to a lifetime and even less significant whpared to the Eternal Life that follows this life. 
Oh and a missionary at the zone conferenec accidentally sprayed sauce on me (my suit pants) when we were eating lunch. So its stained now but hopefully the lady who does our laundry can get it out haha. 
C_________, our recent convert has been doing great. He was the ideal investigator and now is the ideal member, he is sharing the gospel with his neighbors and friends, asking us for more pamphlets so he can give them to friends. We are now teaching one of his neighbors. He is working hard and studying the scriptures. Elder Roman and I think that he will one day be a leader of some sort in the church, like the Elder's quorom president or something like that.
That is my storyfor this week, I hope you all had a great week and have another great one comign! remember, any trials you have are only for a very tiny particle of time, and then you'll be stronger than before!, 
We visited a menos activo this week and her daughters were there (both have families, one in Spain and the other in tumbes, the northernmost city of this misison. They talked about all the things that the summer brings to Piura. Here are some things they talked about: giant, jumping tarantulas (doesnt that sound fun), snakes, big bug/insects that bite and cause a lot of itching (mainly they come out at night and bite when you're sleeping), rain that sometimes floods the street and people even go out to SWIM in it. They saw big tarantulas that drowned just floating down the streets and other nasty stuff. Oh and there are already a lot of bats but im not worried about those, they have never bothered anyone. But our apartment is getting more and more spiders, and theyre getting bigger, mainly the daddy long leg type ones though.
Oh and i got letters from aunt jenny (smith) and Maddy, and a dear elder from uncle Travis, and mike, you can tell them and thank them for me if you can.
Elder Evans, Paul

I only sent one picture home, its a huge lizard or iguana thing, idk. but its on the wall and you will see the taail more than anything. I thought of matt when I saw it, its across the street from my apartment. my camera is zoomed in a ton. Ill send another picture of it in just a sec.

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