Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sept 30 2013

Thats awesome!! I dont have a lot to say this week but I found a scorpion in a house while have FHE with a family in the branch haha. That was pretty coool. My spanish is geting better. I went on splits with a zone leader named Elder Valledarez, from Honduras but lived in Utah and Wisconsin (I thought of Giant Spider Invasion when he said that haha) He goes home on october 7th! its crazy. Ill have more next week, I didnt have much time to write today. But Ill be sending a letter home.
Love elder Evans
from email to dad:
I havent played a lot of soccer but one night i played one on one with a 14 year old member in the ward while my companion was with the guy´s dad, we just played in the street and I won 2-0. I was even in all my misionary clothes and shoes and he had good clothes and shoes. I think it was mainly cause I was faster and have much longer legs. He definitely had the skills and tricks though. BUt I still managesd to win haha. 
missionaries with cake

missionaries with pizza

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