Monday, October 14, 2013

Oct 14 2013

Dear Blog
Here comes the heat the bugs, and spiders. When the sun is out, it's ridiculously hot and when the clouds cover it, it's ridiculously humid. But it's all good, Clemente passed his baptismal interview this week and will be baptized on saturday morning. We go up to a river or some waterfalls farther into the mountains for the baptisms because there is no font in the casa capilla*. It's my first one on the mission so I'm more than excited. Yesterday we went with the son of the Branch President to go scouting for places where the water is high enough, Arilson (the son) is the one who tested the water.
My spanish is slowly picking up, teaching isn't hard, I feel good teaching but it's the normal conversations that are hard. I'm still trying hard to understand and all that.
This week I have been studying a lot of the characteristics of Christ in the Preach my gospel, It's pretty great. Some good chapters in the scriptures that caught my attention were 2 Peter 1 (verses3-8) and Doctrine and Covenants section 121 (verses 45-46).
I don't have a whole lot else, I'm just super excited for Clemente's baptism this saturday, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT! It's so weird you're 15 already. Have as much fun as you can without hurting yourself!
Elder Evans, Paul
*literal translation: "house chapel." The branch meets in a little house that the church bought. I think. [this has been a note from the mother]

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  1. I spotted 2 thumbs up!! Looks like a great place to be - and how cool to be doing baptisms in the wild like that!!