Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dec 2 2013

Another week down of training my son and it has gotten a lot better. He is getting to know all the people we are working with so now he´s talking mre and having more fun. We have been working very hard this week with our less actives because our rama has 80 menmbers but only 15 are active so we were sort of told we should focus on less actives for a while and try to bring as many back as possible. One less active member and her husband who is active started yelling and arguing after we finished our lesson and I kinda freaked out inside cause I didnt know what to do and then she asked ¨que dices tu¨ and then all of a sudden I opened the Book of Mormon and found the perfect scripture to share. We aren´t allowed to take sides in the argument so I shared a scripture about havng patience and love one for another and stuff like that but I don´t remember the exact referecnce. She started crying and we challenged them to pray together morning at night and promised that Heavenly Father would help them work things out if they did it. It was intense, the spirit left when they started aruging but once I shared the scripture and Elder Vasquez and I shared our testimonies and such the Spirit came back.
Today we went to the waterfalls again but this time we went with the whole zone. One picture I sent is me on the back of the moto taxi after the waterfalls and if you look closely you can see Elder Mulford haha. To thinkof how it felt today, imagine walking through an oven or a sauna, take your pick, for an hour...going up. That was TO to the waterfalls, luckily the trip back was downhill so it was much easier, but still just as hot if not hotter. 
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!! And have a great week in the snow!

Elder Evans


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